How to deal with fear


I just thought it nice to share this with you. Tell me what you think
1. Get clear in your mind what it is that you’re
afraid of. Ask questions like, “What about that
scares me?”
2. Become aware of your self-talk. What are you
saying to yourself that scares you?
3. Exaggerate the bad consequences you fear.
Begin to recognize that you were probably
already exaggerating and didn’t know it and that
what you feared is indeed and exaggeration
4. Visualize yourself still being afraid, but handling
the situation in an acceptable manner.
5. Gradually expose yourself to the feared situation
by doing things that more and more closely
approximate what you fear.
As a final note, it is often helpful to talk to a
close friend about your fears. It’s amazing how a
fear can sometimes disappear after a
conversation with someone you trust.


I found it quite practical and helpful,what about you?
Credits;University Of Florida/Counselling and Wellness Centre

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