Random Thursday


The Pope is in the country attending a mass. What other random stuff do I have for you this Thursday aka weekend eve? Read on…


This is one of the fashion pieces making rounds,all thanks to the pontiff. Cool,right? From Kaymu


I saw this pic and I was like,is this a new cream for men’s beards? No,it’s glitter. What is glitter?
*A shiny, decorative adornment, sometimes sprinkled on glue to make simple artwork* so,is this madness or boldness??


Tinashe is the cover of Dazed magazine. This was very creative. Tongue on fire?? Perhaps it’s because she spits ryhmes that are on fire?


Rita Ora can never do wrong in my eyes but this cover,no no! It feels a bit dry and…more dry. What do you think?


This holiday season,ladies should have the following;wide scarf, sunglasses, boots ..with a hint of grey. That is Kendall Jenner


Men; trunks,flip flops,button-down shirt...note the grey too.


The Weekend,I mean the musician,has collaborated with designer Alexander Wang to create the piece(s) above.
So men,look for hoodies and sneakers…


Who ever thought sweatpants can look this amazing? These are skinny sweatpants. Look for them.
How random is your day today?

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