Hot Hollywood


If you wanna make it in Hollywood,you have to look the part. That means looking sexy AF and have that face that screams,”look at me now”. As we round up the year,we look at some of the hottest Hollywood-ers and how this culture is affecting them


J-Lo is one of the hottest and most recognizable faces in Hollywood. She seems to defy age. It’s like,the more she ages,the younger she looks. This is exactly how we want our stars. Female stars,especially,feel more pressured to conform to these beauty standards. Is this okay? It’s a cliche topic but again,did we agree that this is fine?


This girl with all her cuteness won our hearts in the movie The Fault in Our Stars. If she was a talented average Jane,would she be where she is now?? Not likely. I mean,let’s be honest here.


Anorexia,bulimia,binge-eating..these are words that you relate to with the modelling industry. The pressure is that crazy. Gigi Hadid(above) is one of the youngest(20yo!,can I marry her?) popular models. Looks,height,body=bingo.
We expect more from women but I feel women can change the wheel if they decided to look good for just one reason. THEMSELVES. The pressure,the surgery,the gym…let them do it because they want to feel good about themselves,because this is what they want. And even if the industry forces them to do it,there will be an element of themselves in it. What’s your take.
Male celebs…


Look at Douglas Booth. That chest sure makes some ladies choke a little. Let us not even talk about the smouldering face. He is a Brit making it in Hollywood. Tinseltown seems to have a thing for foreign actors,which is cool.


Also,the pressure on male stars to have god-like bodies is not as intense as it is for women. But when they get such bodies, like Ryan Guzman above,its the only thing we talk about all day. He starred in “The Boy Next Door” alongside Jennifer Lopez. Does any girl wish Ryan was the boy next door, literally so?? Many out there I know 😉


Inasmuch as Hollywood accepts foreign hot-faced and totally on point actors like Divergent’s star Theo James(above),these actors(and actresses) have a responsibility to their home countries. I feel that at the end of it all,no matter how greatly you succeed somewhere else,you still owe your country. Give back in one way or the other.


Ansel Elgort looking fly here with that body. It is also upon the male stars to have good bodies(abs and torsos) to show women the fight is not just one dimensional. When it comes to male stars,at times we don’t give a hoot about their bodies so long as the face does it for us. Are we being fair?
But all in all,it wouldn’t be Hollywood if it wasn’t hot would it??
Who’s your hot star of 2015!?

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2 thoughts on “Hot Hollywood

  1. erik says:

    am more into music so my hottest star is Becky G..think if i had a chance i would play my game..these hottiez jst kill it on the screen…Mr blogger get us a queen from kenya..


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