“I’m going to kill myself…”


Kenya’s openly gay gospel musician,Joji Baro,has posted a shocking message on his Facebook page…


What’s your take? Would you say he is just seeking attention? Would you say he is gay and Kenyans don’t condone gayism?
We are training a society that turns a blind on peoples’ cries. Do you know this is how we end up with terrorists? We have become so insensitive to peoples’ feelings that even saying that Joji Baro is just seeking attention is okay. Do you know his story? How many openly gay people do you know in your life?
Someone would ask what are we supposed to do then in this case? Start by not throwing jabs at him. This is not the ordinary case of celebrity publicity stunt. This is his life for God’s sake. Don’t be inhumane. Start by not judging so harshly even if there is nothing else you can do to help him.
That’s how you can make a difference,even to the younger generation,who will know that life is important above all. And should such a thing happen to someone in their life,they will tell them to get the right help. Not push them down the cliff!
What are your thoughts?

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4 thoughts on ““I’m going to kill myself…”

  1. erik says:

    i should not judge him yes bt…if u wnt 2 kill yourself you don go telling everyone..bt anyway even celebs get stressed.people should encourage him though..


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