Thank You(Pt1): Fellow Bloggers


Today marks the beginning of a new month and the inevitable end of 2015! Goodness,that line sounded so stupid,I mean really,who doesn’t know that! Find it in your hearts not to find it stupid too! Anyways,i want to take this chance to thank all who have supported me this year. I founded(hope it’s correct English) this blog this year and I don’t take it for granted for the support I have received. I have 20 followers so far. Here is the list

1) Blair(The Shameful Sheep)
The author of this blog is one seriously funny lady that at times I have to be in private to read her posts because I will laugh. And I will do it loudly. Find her at
2)Judith Kemunto
She was one of my first followers. You know that feeling when you get your first follower? Yes,I got that feeling. She is a fashion blogger –
Get fit and healthy with this blog-
4)EricKogi- tech blog but still finding it’s footing
5)Jcom us
This is where you come to for a dose of inspiration
6) WanderingWives
These ladies talk about the journey of being a wife and really have a way of connecting
7) Sunnysleevez
The header says it all! This a sun protection and green info blog. An interesting edge none of us ever thought of. Find sun protection at
8) Irene Kleimann
When it comes to fashion,this is one of the blogs to visit. I mean hey,I have a fashion blogger following me
9) Video And Lyrics
I bet there are a few things you don’t know about your fave musicians right? I know I’m right. Plus their music videos and lyrics. Total bonus
10) Kendall F. Person
There is power in this blog. I promise you there will be change when you read this blog. I can’t even find words to fully explain. I started writing my diary because of something I read here
11) Devyn Pearle
A hearty-ful fashion and lifestyle blog by a passionate author. Read more
12) Marvin’s Room
This blog is by this man-about-life. He will poke fun at him and his drinking buddies,talk about the tragedies of adolescent girls getting pregnant and still write poetry. How is that for a blogger who follows me,yay!
13) Elder Pipe
Travel to destinations you’ve never even imagined with his truly,Elder Pipe-
14) Mirror Shout
Indian pop culture blog and with those kind of stories that leave you questioning your sanity-did I just read that people smell other people’s armpits for a living? Okay,we gotta make dough!
15) Pinniey
A blog for all classy women and a guidebook for ladies who walk down the lonely path of side chicks. One of the rules was,get out as early as you can. And the next rule? Always follow that rule. Wanna know how to dodge a traffic cop? Read this
16) Monsteratu
A bit dormant but it’s a movie review blog by “a monster”. Yikes!
17) Manatomy
Inside the head and journeys of a lustful London man. He really gets laid this one.
18) Sweet Aces
This lady does so much poetic justice to her work that you’ll end up in love with love actually. Quirky,fun,engaging
19) Darly Darly
We ain’t talking dilly-dally here but Darly is all about lifestyle tips
20) Eddie Mwangi
Politics,education,technology…get into the deep dive with Eddie. He spares no words. That’s why he’s a blogger. Journey and think with him

Thank you all for following me. And to all those who don’t follow me but have like my blog among them ATRW Blog,BreyBrey44 among others,THANK YOU,MERCI (see,I also know a bit of French!).
I may not write about “the next big thing in tech or how to find hope”. I’m all about the Kardashians(so crazily overheard),movies,music and a bit of this and that. This gives me a bit of excitement. I know. Guilty as charged!
Thanks again!

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