Rita Ora vs Kylie Jenner


This December,Rita Ora is on the cover of Wonderland magazine while Kylie Jenner covers Interview magazine. Let’s take a look at the pics and decide who gets a yay and who gets a nay…


I’m loving the creativity going on here already.


Yes please,i’m a little dry….let’s move on…or not…let me wait for that drink…


This is how you lick an ice cream..take it from Kylie…


Then we have the cover. This is how you know when people are passionate about their job. I’m talking about the art directors/photographers/creative directors who put together this shoot. Good work here!


Those lips can kiss me anytime…anyday..I wouldn’t get tired..
*to dear bae;that line was a joke,don’t take it seriously*
*to dear Rita; I meant every word!* 🙂


I like the flow here. Plus,there’s this vibe about this blonde look that really gets to me,does it get to you?


Then the cover. Poised. Sexy. Seductive..and channeling a little classic Marilyn Monroe. I’m feeling a 10/10 here.
What’s your take? Which cover does it for you?

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