2015’s most popular!


Hellow my good,good people? Are you fine cause I’m feeling a little worried. What is wrong with 2015? Where is it running to? Geez,you’d think this year is tired of us! The year is over! ..any who,away from that…I have compiled an interesting list for you,yup,just you…

The most popular people(read celebs) and stuff(like movies) of year 2015. Shall we?
Most searched international celeb


Caitlyn Jenner gets the number 1 spot. What was her trick? Look fab and be 66y/o. We don’t want no kids no more.


I’d say she(he) did the bravest thing this year. Transitioning and sharing with the world. It’s all about owning up to our choices and inspiring others.It will be one to remember!
Most Fashionable Celeb of 2015


Ariana Grande is the girl for that. While we are on the subject of fashionable Ariana,can we talk about those legs she is serving us with? Yes,we can.


I’ve always loved me some Ari and it seems so does everyone else. She was the most searched fashionable celebs of 2015.
It’s called ~focus~baby.
Most popular movie 2015


Bet you didn’t know that Jurrasic World is the highest grossing movie this year. This is according to IMDB. If you didn’t watch it,now you have a reason to.
Most popular series 2015


You thought it was Scandal or Blindspot. I know. It’s Jessica Jones. A former superheroine decides to become a private investigator. Bad guys watch out for this one!
Most Popular Instagram post of 2015


You know I keep wondering why you guys are mean to me on my IG and I just found out why. This Kendall Jenner ‘gram post got 3.2m likes. Whoaaa. Okay. I see where the love is at.
Most popular athlete 2015


Tom Brady! He’s a player for NFL. Ladies,feast on that face all you want cause you ain’t getting more 🙂
How is(was) 2015 for you?

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