These are Steve Mbogo’s favourite songs…


Can we talk about Steve Mbogo for a second or so? Or maybe we shouldn’t. Totally overheard and over-written by now. But then again he is Steve. You still donno who he is? Here’s an intro..

He is 28y/o. He is worth over $130m. He is Kenyan-born. Anything else I’ve left out? Oh yea,I forgot to say he is freaking rich!
So,because he likes to listen to songs(obviously,I mean,who doesn’t have their own fave songs?) I made him a playlist. If he happens by any chance to read this post (fingers crossed) I am def sure he will find this list interesting…… If not accurate to his playlist.
I woke up in a new Bugatti!
This dude owns a Ferrari. Would a Bugatti reaaaally be that hard to get? Rick Rozay did well in singing this song. It is serving a purpose.


Steve beside his Ferrari

Main chic
No,this song is not his fave. It is his best. How many girls would kill to date this hunk? Uncountable.
His typical conversation with a hot bae is always *Shorty,I know you wanna be my main chic* and bae replies *How many others am I competing with so that I up my game?*…..b*tch,don’t stress. You have me :-). Kid Ink,I thank you for this song. On behalf of Steve of course.


At his birthday party that cost him ksh10m



B*tch better have ma money…
I think he listens to this song when he’s all like,”okay,Mr A can keep that money I lent him. Won’t need it.” Look at that pic above and tell me you don’t agree?Rihanna baby,we adore you for this song.
Eat Sleep Rave,Repeat..
He was partying in Dubai recently with the likes of Trey Songz. Seriously though?
In other non-jaw-dropping Steve Mbogo updates,he’s also a philanthropist.
Okay,you are now allowed to type #FML on your TL.
*FML for f*** my life*…I know..

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