Pics: British Independent Film Awards 2015


The Moét British Film Awards took place last Sunday 6th. I trolled the web for you to look for pics of celebs who attended. This award ceremony is not usually as highly publicized like the rest but heck,I wouldn’t let a chance to take a quick look at your celebs pass you by..and me too..


Kate Winslet. The English rose who played Rose in the movie Titanic back then looking awesome here in black.


Her name is Laura Carmichael and she stars in the series Downtown Abbey. Gorgeousness is just overflowing here….and there’s just something about that dress that screams what?…….*fill in the dots*…


French actress Marion Cottillard all black and glittery. The power of French freshness is what you get from Marion


When I saw this pic,I just went “hocus pocus”. Helena Bonham Carter,famously known for playing a role in Harry Potter. Looking conservatively sheer!


Chiwetel Ejiofor. Man-of-the-moment. African-descent and globally ascending. Remember this face in 12 Years A Slave? This is how suave he can look when he wants to impress the cameras…and the ladies too,of course…


Movie director Richard Ayaode played host at the ceremony.
That’s a wrap. Did you enjoy?..*I am asking you that as if you attended,silly me*. What’s on your mind?
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