Just do it Eric!


Eric and Shantel

Do it already geez! I am talking about comedian Eric and his Italian bae Shantel Grazioli teasing us with wedding pics…to be clear,the pic you are about to see is FAKE. Meaning? It isn’t a pic of their real wedding…


Eric and Shantel in teasing wedding attire

Question is Eric,when are you walking that mamita down the aisle? Shantel will start singing Beyonce’s  dread song we men are all familiar with(and are totally afraid of)…*singing: if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it whoaa oooh ohhhh…..*
Remember women can be snatched very fast,stop teasing!
Chris Breezy says…*these chics be for everybaady*….uh-oh….
Tie the knots,period!

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