WCW:Little Starlet Becky G!


Haven’t done a WCW feature in a while. That’s an understatement! It’s been ages since I featured someone (a hot celeb) as a crush. Today we have Rebecca Gomez. Stage name is Becky G. You’ve heard her singing in the shower now see her featuring here. Ready those eyes of yours…


Bad-girl vibes is all you get here. You know how we love bad-girls,right? Just think of Rihanna. You lovin’ this look?


Smart girls are all the rage these days. This pic combines nerdiness+smartness(of the brain) and a high touch of sexiness. Dig we do!


Hometown girl is the kind of image that comes to mind when you see this pic. Big up to all hometown girls outchea. Thanks Becky!
Red carpet style on point! She embodies a young spirit full of fun! That pose? Yaaaassssss


Doll face hey! The kinda doll face you show off to everyone. No kidding this girl is BEE-YOU-TIFUL!
…and that’s about it. No more pics otherwise i’ll overdose you with this amazingness…
She’s only 18y/o! And she’s dating Austin Mahone,another pop musician…*starts to cry*…
Wish her the best in her musical career.
Which Becky G song is your fave?

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