B.O.B is finally here!


B.O.B event poster

Do you know this guy? *I meant to ask do you know this MUSICIAN,key word,MUSICIAN*..his stage name is B.O.B.  You’ve heard him in the song “not for long” plus countless others….can we talk about him and how Kenyans will behave?

Give a few hours and the only person who will be trending will be this chap. Worse if he makes funny blunders. Kenyans will troll him and tag him in almost every conversation.
Collabo news…
And then we will have these local musicians who will raise eyebrows as they will get photo’s beside BOB and the next news we hear is “musician A to do a collabo with BOB”…hmmm…no shade but you don’t have to give us false promises. A collabo with an international maestro is not something rushed. Leave us guessing and then surprise us. Remember the Ne-Yo collabo buzz that was and has been just… a buzz?
Social media brag-a-thon
From IG,to FB to twitter…name it. Those sites will be overwhelmed by pics from those who will have attended. Is this okay? I have no problem with this but my problem is,please don’t rub it in my face that I missed an opportunity of a lifetime okay? I swear I won’t double tap that! No,don’t get it twisted,it’s not jealousy, I just don’t want to feel worse about myself.
This is an interesting opportunity and I can’t wait for tomorrow. Will you be attending?

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