Golden Globe Nominations 2016| Let’s talk about them..


Golden Globe trophy

The nominations for another awards are out. The Golden Globe Nominations to be exact. I do not even want to imagine how the nominees are feeling. If I was a nominee I know even those aliens from Mars(that we have never even seen) would know. Enough of this bullcrap talk and let’s see who made the cut


Charlize Theron in Mad Max

The movie Carol has the highest number of nominations. I haven’t watched this one but am guessing it’s a killer. In the Best Motion Picture category,Mad Max Fury Road gets a nomination. This movie deserved it though I couldn’t relate to it when it was starting. What did you make of it?
In the Best Performance by an Actress in any motion picture category Kate Winslet gets a nomination for her part in the movie Steve Jobs. This movie had very bad reviews and at even one point it had to be pulled out from the Box Office due to low ratings. Like really super low. Now,it seems the problem was not with the actors and actresses but maybe the viewers. Crazy, right?
In the Best Director category Ridley Scott’s The Martian makes him secure a nomination. Have you watched this movie yet? There’s nothing but praise for this one. Ridley might be a winner.
Best Animated film category has the movie Inside Out as one of the nominees. I enjoyed watching this one and I dunno about you but it has got to win. Do you hear me judges and voters? Then we get to the part where I got totally spoilt over choice: Best TV Series category. We have Game of Thrones,Mr Robot and Narcos..(among others). Game of Thrones should take a backseat this time and let Mr Robot have this cake. But if it were up to me,I’d have those 3 win. Mr Robot’s Rami Malek has also been nominated.


Lady Gaga in American Horror Story

Lady Gaga is also up for a win too. She’s been nominated for her role in series American Horror Story. Please let her win,pleaaaase!
Visit Golden Globes website to check if your fave movie stars and movies have made the cut.

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