How to be perfect!


Black Swan movie poster

Are you ready to learn how to be perfect? This is the chance of your life. You will never cry of imperfection again!

I was watching, okay,rewatching the movie Black Swan and I got a powerful message I thought I’d share. In the movie, Nina Sayers(played by actress Natalie Portman) struggles to be the perfect dancer after she is given the role of her lifetime….to cut the long story short(I know you’re already getting bored! Goodness,you need to develop something we call concentration,that I also lack occasionally too)…Nina is a stiff,always-in-control, holier than Mary Mother of Christ kinda girl and she is expected to dance an opposite character; the bitchy seductive femmé. How is she going to pull off such a personality? In her quest for perfection,she ends up stabbing herself in the final act. The price she had to pay for perfection.
But one thing that stood out for me is what her boss(in the movie of course) tells her…..
Aren’t we all just trying too hard to be in control,to do it so perfectly…..
Perhaps we can do it a little differently. We can “loose” ourselves….
What do you think? I know you have an opinion about this,so,share! *and don’t try to be perfect too hard*

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