2016 in summary!


2016 Poster

Is it just me or does 2016 sound sexy? Twenty-six-teen. Or is it because of the sixteen or the six(which sounds a little like sex). It’s a pity that I am about to start a new year thinking of sex and I am about to drag you down with me so let’s get to the crux of the article. How is the year going to be in the world of entertainment(and yours of course)?? Let’s take a guess….
New Flame
The first few months in the world of entertainment and celebrity culture will be all about the new stuff. Movie premieres,new songs(goodbye Hello!),unveiling of new artists blah blah blah. The tricky part is figuring out what “new thing” to bet on. Even in your life,watch out for all the new stuff. Sieve and filter before you go with the flow.
The mid-months are another exciting time of the year. Everything will have completely taken form. Scandals will be aplenty. By this time,we will have decided whether we still like Kim and Kanye or whether taking selfies in 2016 is still a cool thing.
Don’t worry even if your plans won’t have completely come around. So long as your trying your best,don’t worry. All great things take time.
Kapish! The year will be coming to an end. We will have talked about certain celebs over and over(and in the process forget others),we will have memorized and sang along to other songs(other than Justin Bieber’s Sorry) and many other shenanigans will have happened that the only thing we will be waiting for is the next new. At this time in your life,you just need to make peace with yourself. Whatever will have happened will have happened. Get over it.
What am I really saying?
Enjoy 2016 fully. Do something different in your life. Do something big. You can even send me an article. That’s big. Make mistakes. Try to learn from them. Move on.
…and leave out the following(I beg)
1)Giving Kendall Jenner 3.2m likes on her Instagram pics. Hello,other people( i am referring to your friends here) are posting nice pics too!
2)Talking about Star Wars. Really. Who’s gonna talk about X-Men Apocalypse when it shows?
3)Umh,anything else that sucks!
Have a magnificent 2016 will you?

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