Naked Beauty!


Model Miranda Kerr on the cover of Harper's Bazaar 2016 Jan edition

Are you going to buy or have you already bought this magazine? Just look at that cover. It is screaming “buy me and ogle at my  goddess-like body for as long as you want”. Honestly,what is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see such things?(I don’t mean the hot thighs)
I keep asking myself how such photoshoots are like.
The photographers are normally expected to be professional. Are they always professional? Some are,some are not. What does “be professional” in a case where you are dealing with a naked person even mean? Lemme guess,look at her boobs but don’t stare(and don’t touch). Tough one.


Alessandra Ambrosio on Maxim Jan 2016

At what point do you get so comfortable flaunting your nudity? I don’t judge any of them as the reasons are different for each model and neither should you.
My question is why do we think that this is the best way to package information? Oh,I know what you’ll say…SEX.SELLS.
Okay. I can’t argue with that. When such decisions are made,several people are involved and if they think this is the way to go,who am I to argue that?
I still have one question,what is the point to all this? For humans to fully appreciate their bodies?
A toast to nudity!

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