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Celeb publicist Jill Fritzo

Do you know this woman? Of course you don’t. Her name is Jill Fritzo. Her job is to make sure you don’t know HER but the PEOPLE she represents. Celebrities! She’s a celebrity publicist for the likes of Kim(Kardashian),Vanessa Hudgens….you get the drift. So,do you wanna become a celebrity publicist? I’m sure you do..

A bachelor’s in PR is essential. Alternatively,you might go for a bachelor’s in the media field or a marketing.
Job description
Easy. All you are required to do is sleep with every top journalist and tabloid editor to get some coverage for your client. You can also pay some young social media bigwig to talk about your celeb. Haha! I had you there! Your work is simply to generate press for your client. Make them known. Book interviews for them,magazine cover shoots,meet and greet sessions with fans and such. Publicize them like it’s your last day on earth.
You can start on your own but it’s always wiser to first work for a PR firm first to learn the ropes.
Do you know anyone in your hometown who wants to make it big? Can you take on the challenge of making sure they become known? That person may not be as talented but remember,there are peeps who are famous for being famous.


Kenyan publicist Anyiko Owoko with Mudigi Savara of boy band Sauti Sol

If this is your thing,go for it. It will take time,but if you are willing,the perks are also many. Hey,you’ll be friends with famous people!
Make 2016 your year.

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