Rising Stars| BG Msanii


I recently caught up with a young upcoming artist. His name is BG Msanii. Want to know more? Here’s the interview…
Spreadzone Blog;How did you come up with your stage name and was it hard coming up with a name?
BG; The name BG is an acronym of my name Ben Githua. One of my high school teachers used to refer to ms as BG and that is how it stuck. Most people got used to it so I didn’t see the need to change it.
SB; What kind of music do you sing?
BG; Gospel dancehall
SB; Is that the kind of music you also listen to?
BG; yes,my music has always been gospel.
SB; What does music mean to you?
BG; Best way to relax.
SB; Have you ever sang for someone? I mean a girl
BG; (laughs) no! This is mostly because of the kind of music I sing.
SB; When did you start recording?
BG; Back in 2008. I started out as part of a group known as Star Twins and we were recording at a studio in Buru Buru. Unfortunately there was drama when that studio played us. We gave them our money,started recording and then told us that the producer had relocated to Tanzania.
SB; That must have been tough but how do you stay motivated through it all?
BG; To me,music is just inside me. It gives me a sense of completeness so if I don’t sing,I will feel I miss something. That always gives me a push.
SB; How do you feel when you perform to a live audience?
BG; it’s awesome. I remember one of my best performances was in Githurai 45 at an event. The DJs were on point,the system was on check,the crowd was hungry for the music…it was simply amazing. Performing to a live audience is always great.
SB; In your view,is the music industry doing enough to support young and upcoming artists?
BG; not really. The gospel music industry especially suffers a lot because at times you find that some event organizers don’t want to pay gospel artists simply because they are doing the work of God but we are also human and we spend money and resources producing our music. The mainstream media also plays little music from upcoming artists so do the bigwig DJs. Compared to Uganda and Tanzania,the local music industry is not levelled as at times you’ll be expected to dig into your pockets to have your music played.
SB; Do you get support from family and friends?
BG; Yes I do,a lot. I can’t complain


SB; How do you promote your music?
BG; on social media mostly Facebook. On the music website Mdundo and another platform known as Bonyeza though I am yet to fully register.
SB; Who would you like to collabo with and who have you collabod with before?
BG; I would like to collabo with Dufla and I have worked with Videz.
SB; What are you working on currently?
BG; I am producing a song which I will release by February this year.
SB; What is your longterm goal?
BG; to be a national hit,spread God’s message through my songs and help others as I know the challenges that are in this field.
SB; How can one(your fans) connect with you?
BG; cell phone (+254)702566191
Facebook- MC BG
You can also search for the song Feel By BG on Mdundo.
SB; Thank you for your time,wishing you the best
BG; thank you too for meeting me

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