Status symbol: Which phones do celebs use?


Lady Gaga holding a Blackberry Curve

This here is Lady Gaga holding a phone. Wait a second,why are we talking phones? I don’t know,but I say we continue with the phonanigens
Most popular brand


Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima holding white iPhone

Adriana Lima……


Pop musician Miley Cyrus with iPhone

….Miley Cyrus….


Dr. Dre with Gwen Stefani at the iPhone 6 launch party

….and Gwen Stefani….


White iPhone 6

..are all holding an iPhone.
Why? The iPhone is the coolest phone out there. That’s the main reason. IPhone have also been doing an extensive brand marketing and it is no wonder most famous peeps use the phone. It is also to avoid public scrutiny especially if the celeb in question is high profile. It is what we’d call “looking put together”.
Also in use….
Is the Blackberry Curve used by the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Taylor Swift.
Some non-famous(and non-rich) people say that if you don’t use such phones you are not “it”. I don’t play for that team and I  would never say such a thing. Unless under critical circumstances,like if I was dating Rihanna. Duh,I would want to be the guy for her. Do you hear that Rihrih,I’d buy an iPhone just to please yah. Many times, our beloved personalities have had to conform to given standards because this culture is all about who is the coolest or the trendiest.
Just be you. There’s no need of spending $680 for something that does not add any years in your life.
If it makes you feel better,I also don’t own either of those brands.
So,can we happily sing the following song…*I wish that I could be like the cool kids* 😝


Jessica Alba with white iPhone

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