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The Shanara Chronicles poster

This is the year of tv amazingness. I looked up new tv series for 2016 from IMDB and the list is currrraaazy awesome. Here’s a list of 5 out-of-this-world shows that I feel all of us should look for this year..
1) The Shanara Chronicles
The story of adventure,war,evil(and love,definitely) in the mystical world of the Four Lands. I am feeling a little Chronicles of Narnia here.
2) Shadowhunters:Mortal Instruments
Mother gets kidnapped. Lucky for her she has a brave daughter,Clary,who must battle the dark world of demons to find mommy. Scared already?


Shadowhunters:Mortal Instruments

3) Second chance
I don’t know how weird science can get but this series will give us another twisted plot. A bioengineer,with the help of a billionaire(obviously a crazy one), bring a dead police officer back to life. The question is,why? We’ll have to watch to find out


Second Chance tv series poster 2016

4) Outcast
“Possession is just the beginning”. Enough said.


Outcast 2016

5) Preacher
This is the one series I just have to watch by all means because I think it’s bordering on madness.
Plotline is:after a supernatural event in his church,a preacher enlists the help of a vampire to find God.
Now,do you agree with me?


Preacher 2016

  Halloween comes early this year.
What will you be watching?

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