Review| The Masked Saint


When I saw this movie on Movie Insider set to be released on 8th this Jan I was like oh,yes,finally a breath of fresh air. Is it a worthy watch?

Masked Saint follows the journey of
former professional wrestler, Chris
Samuels (Granstaff) who retires from the
ring to settle down as a small town
pastor. When Samuels witnesses rampant
problems in the community, he decides to
moonlight as a masked vigilante fighting
the injustice. While facing crises at home
and at the church, Samuels must evade
the police and somehow reconcile his
secret, violent identity with his calling as
a pastor- from Masked Saint.
Reasons why we should all watch it


The Masked Saint movie poster

1)- It is a faith-based movie and even though Christian movies don’t have the best reputation in terms of quality and acting,it is good to watch something that has a more deeper perspective
2)- I believe this movie,due to it’s nature,will try to answer the question of serving personal needs whilst still serving God and how to deal with that conflict
3)- It will be a good reference point to use to determine what message Christians are sending to the world and whether we are really going wrong since it is definitely set in this modern era
4)-  With the over-hyped popular culture in the world,is it the best platform to use to send messages of spirituality and does this movie achieve that? That’s why you have to watch
5)-  For good ol’ fun sake. C’mon. Plus,you’ll get to see the secret life of professional wrestlers?
Premiering 8th Jan. You game?
What do you think?

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