January cover stars you should check out!


Hey sexy,where have you been? This mamita is really one hot one. Remember her as Betty Suarez on the tv show Ugly Betty? She’s the one. Here are the other cover stars and why you should read their stories this 2016
America Ferrera>Latina Magazine


Reasons why this is the mag for you;
*She’s not your everyday on-tv girl so do yourself a favour and check out her story on Latina Magazine here
* First Latina actress to win award in comedy in the US of A so read more about that
* You might get a few style tips from her-look at that dress! (Referring to dem babes here)
Kelly Rowland> Parents Magazine


Musician Kelly and 14month-old son Titan grace Parents mag and I am loving the clean,simple shoot


You should read this also..;
* To find out what she has been up to apart from bringing up baby Titan since she’s also been a little quiet
*Ladies,learn mothering tips from a celeb. It’s a cliché topic but you never know what new thing you might learn from Parents Magazine
Matt Bomer> Men’s Fitness


Apart from the fact that he has a body to die for (ladies,relax,he’s proudly gay) here are other things to take from him;
* Fitness tips
* Acting tips. He talks about his experience working with Lady Gaga on the set of American Horror Story.
Read this in the latest issue of Men’s Fitness


Thank God. There’s no competition here even with all that finery:D

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