Queen Bey,we love you,but….


How’s this month for you my peeps? Are resolutions coming along just fine? *you have read all this in my best Liam Hemsworth bass*. Do you know why I asked? Beyonce seems to have her own new year resolutions and they are not going all too well…
She is rumored to be scripting and is expected star in a movie about South African Sarah Baartman. Sarah( Saartije) Baartman was kidnapped during the colonial days and taken to Europe where she was displayed as a freak due to her big hips. Europeans at that time really did seem to lack an appreciation for all things big,juicy and beautiful. She later sued her oppressors for making her bare her body to the world without her will but she lost the case and died a poor young lady at the tender age of 25y/o.


French painting of Sarah~ "Hottentot Venus"

This is one of the saddest stories in history. So where does pop artist Beyonce fit in all this? She wants to make a movie about this lady and act as this lady. South Africans feel this is not a story for Beyonce to tell. I wanted to support Beyonce but then I read somewhere that she wants to do all this to prove she can act and eventually be considered for an Academy Award nomination. Desperation,desperation! So,I have to say this….sit this one out and look for another project Bae. Your intentions are clearly too selfish mama. Which is okay,but we need justice for Sarah.


That’s just my opinion,what’s yours?
You can read the story of Sarah here

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