Rising Fashionistas


The Kenyan fashion industry is experiencing growth at an enormous rate. And guess who is at the epicentre of it all? The young,fresh,creative minds such as the ones I had an interview with. Welcome to the world of fashion through the eyes of these upcoming designers….
What’s the name of your brand?
Street Lookie Wear
What’s the main inspiration behind your designs?
It is all about taking fashion to the streets with funk and swag
You work as a group of four,how does that workout for you?
We all come up with ideas,decide on the way forward and go for photoshoots in the streets to promote the brand


Seeing as you are designers,does that mean you don’t shop for clothes since you can just create for yourselves?:D
  Yes we do wear clothes from our collection but we also shop for a few items
At what point did you realize fashion is the thing for you and when did you decide,hey,we want to work as a team?
We met in school and because we had the same taste in fashion,we started off by styling up everyday and then decided to work as a group
Which material do you mostly work with?
We are all over fashion so we can’t say we use a certain material exclusively but we do have many Ankara pieces and other prints
Do you have favorite colours that you find yourself using more often than others?
No,we believe fashion is colourful

Do you try to keep up with fashion trends?
We don’t move with trends but we create what inspires us
Which Kenyan designer(s) do you admire and would even like to work with?
Yes…Collo The Fashion Guru from the Off The Closet brand,Michael Gitau and Buffer from the Bujami Collections.
Would you like to work for an international fashion house someday?
Yes. We hope to put Nairobi city on the global fashion map and grow as big as we possibly can. Working at a place like Gucci would really be a great opportunity for growth.
There’s a lot of competition in this field,how do you stay focused on your work and not the competition?
We try to be different and at the same time we believe the market is big enough for everyone
Do you make tailor-made pieces for clients?


We are online company and we get custom orders and even make deliveries
Is it hard balancing between being students and fashion designers?
Not really because this is what we love doing most
How can one contact you for orders?
On Facebook: Street_Lookie_Wear
On Instagram: Street_Lookie_Wear

FACEBOOK:Spreadzone Blog
Instagram: @Khan_the_blogger
~thanks for visiting,much love~


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