Prezzo TV Drama | Should we really care?


CMB Prezzo

Prezzo aka King of Bling was at it again. This is because of his drunken interview he had last Friday on KTN with Betty Kyalo. I gotta give this dude an A for blowing himself off on national TV but this is why we shouldn’t blame him entirely..
What happened?
ICYMI(in case you missed it),he was all over the sassy KTN presenter Betty Kyalo,touching her here and there and at one point she even had to invoke her husband’s name,investigative journalist Dennis Okari. At least we know she loves her man.
Prezzo was also given a few questions to read from the teleprompter and he struggled to read….in short,it was a DISATROUS,SCANDALOUS INTERVIEW!
Why we shouldn’t blame him
*The studio managers clearly saw he was drunk yet they still allowed the interview to go on.
*Even after it was clear Betty was uneasy after the touchy moves and hitting on here and there,the interview freaking continued!
*When Prezzo was struggling to read from a tablet given to him,it was evident he was not in his element. THEY STILL CONTINUED.
Couldn’t they have stopped the interview by giving us an interlude of say an advert? Or maybe bring a clip of something different as they find a way to contain the crisis(Prezzo being the crisis here)?
This interview raises some questions
*Was this a manoeuvre by the station to bring more attention to itself? A subtle publicity stunt? Because by now,we are all looking for that interview on YouTube. Their YouTube channel. And probably waiting for the next interview this week to see who will humiliate themselves.
*Or was it was a Prezzo publicity stunt? I mean really,who goes to an interview drunk not unless they want some attention!


Prezzo's collection of blings

In this case,everyone got what they wanted. We have no problem with that. This is the kind of drama we want in life. A toast to adding spice to our lives!

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One thought on “Prezzo TV Drama | Should we really care?

  1. Rik says:

    haha..that was crazy only trying to imagine how crazier things were before and after the interview if that was only what was brought live to us…mean he was so confident doin tht


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