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Micaela Erlanger,Lupita Nyongo's stylist

Being a fashion stylist is one very interesting career and here is how you can become one and why it is totally worth it..
For any career,education is important because it gives you confidence even when you go out in the field. This is not to say you cannot succeed in this area without formal university education,I mean,how many successful people do you know that never really followed the school system? Uncountable!
A degree in fashion and design or a related field such as apparel merchandising is key.
Must have
This one doesn’t matter whether you went to an IVY League school or not but having a portfolio is imperative. This is a profile of all the pieces you have put together and all the clients you have helped look the part. Of course,only happy clients,you don’t want someone to be called in who will paint you as a villain now do you?


Rita Ora's stylist,Jason Rembert

Necessary skills
Being a fashion stylist is all about creating “looks” for personalities in the media and entertainment world. Your job is put  items of clothing together to create a certain image. Can you do that?
It is also about marketing new looks that you have come up with and feel can totally work in a given field or on given people such a male celebs.


Rob and Mariel,they style Pharell and J.Lo

The downside
The fashion industry is not growing and it is also expected to dip a little. This should not be a problem because others are thriving in this industry so if you have a good sense of style and determination(lots of it) you will make it. Yes,you can and you will.
Why be a fashion stylist?
* Exposure to many people in different fields which gives you a chance to network. You might end up as a fashion writer in the process!
*Possibility of getting hired as someone’s personal stylist. Kim K West started out as Paris Hilton’s personal stylist. Who’s laughing now?
*Opportunities to attend fashion shows and entertainment award shows are aplenty in this field which is fun.


Kenyan stylist,Annabel Onyango

So,do you want to be a fashion stylist or not?
*Image sources: The Hollywood Reporter
Africa’s Next Top Model

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