Why local versions of hit songs is a plus!


Jimmy Gait,Kenyan gospel musician

Remember the cover of Hello that gospel musician Jimmy Gait made which Kenyans(of course the unappreciative ones) slammed as cheap and bad? Well,I think it was awesome. He ain’t winning any Grammy for it but here’s why I think local versions of international songs are a good thing for everyone…

So many artists and non-celeb peeps in the country have made their covers of Hello. Adele would be so proud. From the vernacular languages of Luo to Kikuyu…to say the least. Recently,another cover has appeared. A Kikuyu version of Justin Bieber’s Sorry.
Check it out HERE


Justin Bieber's Sorry poster

We might criticise these cover versions for being sh*tty but there are 4 things we are not realising;
* Kenyans are appreciating their cultures which is seen when vernacular languages are used to make such covers
* Local artists have a chance to freestyle without the usual pressure to be perfect
*Everyone now is taking part in the entertainment world without having to necessarily be a celeb. They are the new breed of celebs.
* International artists become aware of different markets and with enough research and commitment,will hopefully create more accommodating music.
That’s my opinion. Do you agree with me or do you think,nah,this guy must be on some weed or something? Share!

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