Status Symbol: The Hoverboard


Golden Hoverboard

This is the gadget that took over celeb world back in 2015;from Hollywood stars to our own local Kenyan celebs. Hoverboard. No,THE Hoverboard. What’s the fuss about this piece of tech? I also don’t know but I will try to take a guess…

Why was(is) it considered cool?
1) It was new
2) It was glamourized by the rich and famous who took pics while riding it
3) Just know it’s a cool item to own,period!


DJ Skrillex with blue Hoverboard

Its essential use
1) For moving around…it’s like a toy for an adult
2) It’s simply an overpriced different version of the scooter only an electric one. This is for those who did not read point number one.


Chris Brown with black-grey hoverboard

What are celebs using it for?
1) They are using it to remind us who the real kings are,them! A tactic to make us feel totally envious of their life
2) They are using it to look “it”. They are celebs after all. Our job is to admire them and all they own.


You still don’t own one? Relax,these things come at a cost and umh,it’s a dying trend, no need to panic. To be honest I totally need one,screw leaving it to the celebs.
It’s never that serious. It’s just a tech gadget that you can’t even hack the Wi-Fi with.
FYI,the IO Hawk Hoverboard is the most popular brand and China was the 1st country to see its streets filled with ’em. Sorry Americana!


Usain Bolt riding one at the airport

Wow,that was me trying to convince myself that I don’t want what celebs have and it worked.
Do you want a hover board? Do you have one? How’s the experience? Share.

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One thought on “Status Symbol: The Hoverboard

  1. Rik says:

    mr blogger that stuff is just mega hot and amazing…if its in kenya will try see it,run on it but not not own…that am sure #meant for the rich..


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