Will Elani get justice?


Elani,Kenyan music band members

Who doesn’t love this music band? Seriously who doesn’t? ‘Cause if there’s someone who ain’t for #TeamElani and is Kenyan,they need to sit back,relax and never listen to music ever again. Enough with the praise,this is what is happening to Elani..
The gist is
Apparently, MCSK(Music Copyright Society of Kenya) want to rob the band. The trio released a video on YouTube recently saying how broke they are and how the body that is trusted with the management of artists’ finances is duping them…*paraphrased*. The reaction from fans was as expected; we are on their side and calling out on MCSK to do the right thing.



The mere fact that Elani have decided to speak out and demand for what they truly deserve sends 2 messages to the rest of us:
1) We need to voice injustices in every area of our life without fear
2) We need to have solid supporting claims ~from what I gather, they investigated what MCSK was offering them and what media owners were paying out as royalty.
I feel this fight will die soon and the group will lose. These are the ways I feel the band can fight for their rights and actually get what they are owed:
1)Have more artists tell their side of the story
Elani should convince other artists(at least 4) to speak out too so that this issue is taken seriously. This is not just an Elani fight,all artists are affected.
2) Start a campaign
The band has a mass following on social media platforms and they can ignite an online campaign that will see change actually happening at MCSK
3) Carry on
The minute the trio lay low will be the kiss of death to their claim. They should push this issue for a while for the ones involved(MCSK) to see they mean business
4)Names! Names!
If push comes to shove and this is really what they want,they should start spilling names of the managers responsible because surely it is not the entire organization. We,the fans,are just observers and we don’t really know what’s happening on the inside. It is the responsibility of Elani to ensure we take this matter seriously otherwise it will just be another tabloid story that will die soon.


Elani in black, looking smart

What do you think? Do you think Elani will be paid their dues? How do you think they can fight more for their rights? Was sharing their woes via YouTube the best move?
Share your opinion with the rest on the comment section.

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One thought on “Will Elani get justice?

  1. Rik says:

    Apparently,thats so not good to hear for such a greatly destined kenyan musi group..honestly i adore their songs.think the best way out of this is the collabo thing..if other artists joined hands and #teammafans join them they are gonna win this trust me..


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