Fitness Friday: Nicki Minaj


It’s that time again when we talk bodies! Yes,fit bodies,not just any bodies hey. It’s been a while but let’s see how Nicki stays fit
*Dancing(keeps her butt muscles strong. Dance away baby)
*She also does a 30 minutes Elliptical training
*She also does a HIIT(high-intensity interval training)
*Low sugar,low starch for shedding fat
*She also eats lots of fruits and vegetables
The results


*Killer slim waist
*~Hot sexy bum- Don’t want none unless you got buns hun( From Anaconda)
*An all slaying body the world always wants to see


How do you stay fit?
*source : Healthy Celeb*

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2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Nicki Minaj

  1. rik says:

    its a wow for nicki though i feel its different for the guys who like her big butt;with all that fitness stuff am sure they are gonna reduce..well,for me as a #healthy fan feel that trying some press ups,sit ups and dancing a little has kept me fit though i also feel its not enough…


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