The immortal Alan Rickman


The world is in shock and is in a somber mood over the passing away of Alan Rickman. The man famous for playing Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movie series. This is why I think he will live forever…
At the age of 69 and after a short battle with cancer, Alan has departed this world but I doubt he has left us for good. 3 reasons why:
1) Harry Potter fans
The Harry Potter series of books and movies has a mass following even after it all came to an end. There are groups on Facebook,Twitter,Whatsapp,Instagram…..that still meet for a chat about all the characters who made Harry Potter what it is and Severus(Alan Rickman) was a key figure. He still lives on after his death through the fans of HP.


2) Movies
All the movies he has ever acted are a true testament that he was a man of value. Such include Die Hard. Every time someone will go through these films,his face will always be there. He still lives on through the art he helped created.


3) Family
If there are people who will never forget the man he was,it’s his family.


This is his legacy. It will live on.
We are not just mourning but celebrating him. What will be your legacy? What greatness will you leave behind?

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