Pics: Christina Milian on Rolling Out


Yes,the girl who used to date Lil Wayne is on the cover of Rolling Out magazine. A very ugly introduction but this is what has defined her lately. The Lil Wayne love affair. Which is totally not okay. We even forget the fact that she is an established musician and has her own show on E!(Christina Milian Turned Up)Moving on,here are the pics..


A little touch of risqué but the denim on her might just make us forget the “naughty parts”


Apart from the smouldering legs on display(and the heat-inducing thigh line),this pic looks wow. Like,I am fierce-and-bold kinda wow don’t you think?
Which cover wins?
The mag did a double cover and it’s up to you to decide which cover wins “Best Side of Christina” Award


Cover A….


…or Cover B
Choose! Choose! Choose!

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2 thoughts on “Pics: Christina Milian on Rolling Out

  1. Rik says:

    definitely i would go for cover A..she just looks DEEP hot up she still Lil wayne’s bitch or i can give it a short..jst kiddin


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