Weekend Trends


The weekend is coming to an end. A painful end. Why can’t we just have longer weekends? Huh,why?*in a lamenting,almost tearful voice* anywhos,we are grateful because we have had(and still are) the opportunity of enjoying it in whichever way. Sidenote: if you didn’t have fun,remember that you are still breathing,otherwise down-under is no fun!…

This is what has been trending on social media(and the internet at large) over the weekend.
Christian Ronaldo and Alessandra Ambrosio are on the cover of GQ magazine. The best part,they are naked! Okay,near naked. Gosh,these two have bodies that we’d all want. I’m choking as I write this… See for yah self…


Note to reader: Cristiano is covering Alessandra’s tatas with his back….just so you know..she’s topless


It gets hotter…..


Ladies,you will thank me later….now just drool….


Few points to note:
1) Cristiano is a top Portuguese soccer player. He also won Nobel Prize for Perfect Body! Jesus! There’s even a Nobel for how fit you are?
2) Alessandra Ambrosio is a top(mhmmm) Brazilian model who works for Victoria’s Secrets. Lawd! That body!
Saturday the 16th would have been the 37th birthday of popular musician Aaliyah Haughton who passed away long ago in a terrible plane accident.


People took to twitter to celebrate her. She has an official twitter page ~ Aaliyah Haughton. Long live her!
This is the title of the new show on local channel NTV which will be showcasing Kenya’s wild beauty to the world. Hands down for such a documentary. Catch it on NTV every Saturday at 8pm. Though I read somewhere that it is being filmed by an international media network which got me thinking,its okay,we have to learn from the best,right?
On the ‘gram,these are my two fave pics from the tag #Webstagram and #PicOfTheDay


Wow! Wow! Wow! Is this real?


Don’t we all have such people in our life? But as you can see from the pic,it’s not always about us.
Have a lovely end of weekend.
How is it coming along by the way?

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