Internet Acronym : W2F!


The internet is a weird weird weird place. Is it even a place? What is it? I don’t know for sure but what I am sure of is, this is the only place where you’ll find half-horse-half-shark creatures like the one above. Moving on,the acronym that has caught my attention today is W2F and this is what it stands for
Waaay Too Funny! (W2F)
My God,I just love how people can really be creative. Tell me if the following memes are W2F for you!


….my ribs are dry with laughter here, who’s kid is this??


….here’s to all exes outchea..


Know those girly things that look totally awesome on dudes? Yea,this cat totally knows the feeling…


….I can only say…
What do you think?
Any internet acronyms you know of? (note to reader: they better be funny :mrgreen:)
*source: google, Internet Slang *

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