WCW :Dej Loaf in 5!


I just can’t get enough of this bae and that’s why Dej Loaf is the woman crush of the day.  I’m sure there are many(okay,maybe a few) things you don’t know about her. So,how about you ~try me~ and see what I’ve found out about her?


  1)On background
*She lost her dad when she was young in a tragic twist of events
*She’s 25y/o this year
*Her real name is,…*wait for it…drumrolls…* Deja Trimble! You had no clue right?


2) On singing
*She’s a hip hop artist(Watch out Iggy Azalea,here’s competish)
*She debuted her album in 2011(That is not so long ago)
*Her fame is normally attributed to Drake who put the lyrics of her song Try Me on his instagram,then,bam! Magic happened!


3) On sexuality
*She is not gay,I repeat again,she’s not a lesbian! She said she dresses tomboyish-ly simply because she’s comfy in such clothes…give a girl a break will you?
*..and women just seem to like her. So,who’s fault is it if she’s just too hot to handle?
4) On dating
*She was involved(allegedly) in a love triangle last year with Lil Dirk and another hip hop artist. Is she seeing any guy? Nope,try your luck buddy!


5) On moolah
*She’s worth approximately $300k…and counting!

That’s a wrap on our WCW. Which song of hers do you like?
*Photo credits: Metro Lyrics *

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