What does Sarah Hassan leave us with?


She’s going to leave us with tears. Just so you know,Sarah Hassan is relocating to the city of angels aka L.A to pursue her dream. You won’t see her on NTV’s Discovery +254 anymore. So I suggest you start following her on instagram(Like I will do) to see all the cool pics from L.A. This is  what her decision has taught us..

In a nutshell: step 1;be an actress on Tahidi High,step 2;quit, step 3; get married to a smouldering hot dude,step 4;….c’mon…you know I’m kidding…
Let’s move over to the serious isht:
Sarah,better known as Tanya,has been on our screen for quit a while. Despite her leaving Tahidi High many years ago,she still worked in the media field. This sends one message,only consistency can get you places
*Put your life in order
How many scandals has she been involved in over the past few years? Few. Results? She got the man of her dreams!
*Never give up
This is what she said after getting accepted to join New York Film Academy
….. “Immediately I started to work, I started saving
up for school fees and two years ago, I started
filling out my application. Every other day I
used to look at my application and work
harder. Early last year my fiancé, who was my
boyfriend then encouraged me to send in my
application and I got accepted


The Kenyan sweetheart is moving to the US of A with her fiance Martin Duale to pursue further studies at her dream school. Wishing her all the best.
What can you learn from her?

*Image source : Kung’ara Kenya, Victor Peace

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4 thoughts on “What does Sarah Hassan leave us with?

  1. rik says:

    wow..love her pics #kenya’s swthrt so in short our swthrt..think i learn the need to stick to my dreams as they may come true some day..bt all the best to her.who knows she might be our next Lupita..


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