Pics: Kode Magazine’s Next Generation Girls!


This is girl power like never before. And not just girl power but #BlackBeautyShine. Kode Magazine has featured top 6 young,black talented women in entertainment and we can only say one word,S.L.A.Y…….take a look..


Serayah McNeil: 20y/o,stars in Empire TV series as Tiana and one helluva hot bae


Zendaya Coleman: 18y/o and we can never get enough of this young piece of heaven. The new hair on her is totally on point. She looks so different.


Yara Shahidi: 15y/o,yes,15! Wow! I love. She stars in comedy Black-Ish as Zoey.


Kat Graham: 26y/o and she is the witch with brains,beauty and the “it” factor from Vampire Diaries. She plays Bonnie.


Aja Naomi King: 31y/o who stars as the hotheaded ambitious Michaela Pratt on the hit show How To Get Away With Murder. Can I ask a question? Is it okay to fall head over heels in love(crush) with a person you have never met? I fear Aja has that effect on yours truly *blushing while clearing throat*


Kiersey Clemens: 22y/o best known for her role in Indie film Dope.
This was done in part with celebrating black history by the magazine. This is a positive move as it sends a message to the young determined girls that they too can make it,there’s a place for them.
What do you think of the cover and what do you think of the magazine featuring these young girls in entertainment?

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