Milan Fashion Week: Menswear Edition


This is the golden era of men in terms of fashion. We’ve been focusing on women’s couture for long so I thought why not share few pieces from the Milan Fall/Winter fashion show that’s almost coming to an end..? Men,welcome…



It’s been a little chilly lately,but with this sexy leathery touch,you can add heat and still feel warm enough



The head and the neck need to be covered if you are to stay away from cold but you can still look fresh in black,grey and thick sweaters



All thanks to Gucci,you can look colourfully stylish this season.


They call it the zigzag sweater and I think it’s a unique piece from Salvatorre Ferragamo



Long coats don’t have to be boring black but a bit of design here and there from the likes of Ermenegildo Zegna make it a worthy investment.


Can you ever go wrong in this? And by this I mean the whole look?
*Black, navy blue,hues of red, orange and brown are the trending colours from the pieces in Milan
*Zigzag sweaters,checked trenchcoats and long coats were also a major show at the runways
*Skinny trousers out and enter wide and medium sized trousers. It’s time to go back to basics this season.
What was your favourite piece?
What are you investing in this season?
Did you like the few pieces?

*Sources:  Milano Moda Uomo

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2 thoughts on “Milan Fashion Week: Menswear Edition

  1. rik says:

    i absolutely love that leather always a man in black so i love everything black up there…bt every swag and style here is just sophiscated.think i should invest in one of those long trench coats..


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