Let’s talk:Bahati,Chipukeezy and Netflix!


We have been talking about nothing lately but these three. Why? Simple,they are all marred by scandals…
Bahati quits Gospel music
From feuds with Willy Paul,to crying on stage on occasion to now quitting the gospel industry. He has a good reason. His life is on the line. “People” are plotting to kill him if he continues to preach the gospel.


I will not claim to know a lot about this situation but this is my take:
1)His claim that he’s being threatened only reveals the cracks that are already in the gospel industry. There’s just so much fighting in our entertainment industry at large.
2)The fact that no one has come out in his defense kinda makes me wonder whether he had any true friends in the industry to begin with. Some of his celeb friends should at least say Bahati’s claims are not cooked up. Again,this shows how this industry really works.
What do you think?
Chipukeezy’s nude photos to be leaked online
Vincent Mutua aka Chipukeezy is in trouble. The Churchill Show comedian posted on one of his social media platforms that some time back he had been robbed off his phone. The gadget contained explicit photos. Nude if you will.


Now,some crazy fella got hold of the pics and he’s blackmailing the chap.


My thoughts are:
1)Blackmailing is illegal,right? Has Chipukeezy reported this matter to the cops?
2)Why do we all(or at least most of us) believe that all celebs are loaded with money? And why do we think that we have the right to that money in the first place?
Have your say dear readers..
No Netflix no chilling


The board tasked with overseeing all things films,movies and programmes in the country, KFCB, is thinking of banning Netflix. Netflix is a streaming on-demand TV service based in USA that’s set to expand into 130 countries among them Kenya. The major reason(s) being? Kenya is not ready for “explicit” content and that the local film industry will suffer because it won’t be able to compete with the high quality production that Netflix offers…and etc etc. This is my thinking:
1)Should we be scared of this new “competition”? If anything,we should embrace it so that we can learn from the best.
2)Many people do not know half of what Netflix is all about yet we want it so badly. Is it okay to say that to some degree the authority is right to want to ban the service?
Share your thoughts too…

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2 thoughts on “Let’s talk:Bahati,Chipukeezy and Netflix!

  1. rik says:

    waat..?can’t believe this.Bahati quiting gospel and then this shit on chipukeez as u call him..anyway think Bahati has very many reasons for doing whatever he z doing but about death threats,i doubt.the world has not grown that brutal yet..about chipukizi ,it’s a lesson to him and others;everything will be brought to the light someday..


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