The glamour of two! Who wins?


I want us to play a game where I ask you which magazine cover does it for you;which one gets a yay and which gets a nah. Ready?
Pop rock musician Demi Lovato is on the cover of Allure mag this Feb.


I have to say this is so on fleek. The costume,the colors,the shoes…I guess you get my point


This cover feels very real,very authentic….does it win?
Jourdann Dunn,a top fashion model,is covering Vogue Brazil. They did two covers…


At last. No more long hair,or blonde or brunette….just the good ‘ol Afro! This is major cool


Do you see that all colors are blending in nicely? The brown-beige dress to her smooth chocolatey skin palette to her dark hair to the color of the title….enough said
So,who will it be,Jourdann Dunn or Demi Lovato?

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