Review | How to Be Single


People,do you realize what’s happening? We are fast approaching the month of love,chocolates,wines and all those bleh bleh blehs….do you hate all that crap? Are you single? This is the movie for you…

Apart from the fact that it is a star-filled production (e.gRebel Wilson from Pitch Perfect and Dakota Johnson of 50Shades of Grey) here is why else you should watch it:
… New York City is full of lonely
hearts seeking the right match,
and what Alice, Robin, Lucy,
Meg, Tom and David all have in
common is the need to learn
how to be single in a world
filled with ever-evolving
definitions of love.


*It’s classified as a romantic comedy. Seriously,who doesn’t like funny stuff?
*When I saw the title I was like,yes,a movie that’s not forcing people to be in relationships. Be single and ~embrace it~
*It has relatable characters though it’s primarily a chic flick. There’s the experienced girl who knows the ways of the world,there’s the slightly awkward babe who’s learning the ropes of love(the hard way,all thanks to her ‘tutor’),there’s the typical man who constantly texts new found crush,we have several scenes taking place in the bar….You will not be lost with this one


*We see the typical woman in action. In one scene,Rebel Wilson shows her boobs to a guy as payment for stuff that she has bought. Classic.
You can watch the trailer HERE and share your thoughts
*Source: IMDB

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