The Power of Dance


Can you pull off such a move as in the pic above? Probably not but worry not because I had an interview with one of the fastest rising dance crews in Kenya,X-Acid and this is their inspiring story of dance,fleek-ness and vavavoom magic moves. Read for yourself…

Was X-Acid your first stage name?
Yes it was.
When did you start?
… we started late 2012 in december..then 2013 we kicked off professionally
How many are you in the group?
Right now we are 6
Was it hard starting out at first?
… yes it was..we struggled our way up through very hard times..but we never gave up..and still haven’t
Would you classify yourselves as gospel or secular dancers or is there no limitation?
… as for us we have no limitation whatsoever..but we have grip on our spiritual aspects..
How many hours a day do you practise?
…we practise everyday from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm except from Sundays
Where do you source your dance moves from?
.. we choreograph and create our moves and routines..we are a source for others and ourselves thanks to God and hardwork
..and does it take long to master moves?
.. not really it depends on your hard you push yourselves


Is there any local or international dance crew(s) that you look up to?
.. internationally we look upto crews like Moswanted and Kinjaz… but we have learnt to compete with our own self so as to advance
Do you have to kip fit to dance or is dancing exercise enough?
.. we have to keep fit because our bodies are our alone is really not enough for we hit the gym and observe certain nutritional routine..
How was it like performing at the Sakata Dance Show on Citizen TV on live national TV?
… the first time we felt nervous..but we conqured our fears and sailed to the semis
Do you face a lot pressure from fans to be the best? And how do you deal with that as a group?
… we have to sweat it out for the people and for the end of the day we are working hard for you and us
What happens when you get booked for several shows in a row? Do you give up some or do you always manage to handle the exhaustion?
… when such a situation appears we divide ourselves into two or three groups..or even each individual to handle a given performan



What’s your ultimate dream as a dance crew?
.. we want to inspire purposeful and God fearing generations…but the small goals are to have our own building complexes with several studios all over Africa so we can teach people all over the world and help the less fortunate and in turn create employment opportuni



How can one contact you for bookings and follow ups?
.. on telephone (+254)707176009/(+254)704339372 Instagram @xacid_kenya Twitter @xacidkenya Facebook Xacid Kenya

~wishing them all the best in their endeavours as they continue inspiring a generation~
What’s your story?
Share your thoughts with me here on the  dance crew…

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~thanks for visiting,much love~


2 thoughts on “The Power of Dance

  1. rik says:

    wow..that sounds a great and focused group..they sound serious and thats gonna take them far and far…and amazingly they seem religious..God see them for that


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