All you need to know about “Miss Dazey”


Willow Smith in socks campaign

16-year old Willow Smith has just launched a new socks collection in collaboration with American brand store,Stance….

The last born daughter of celebrity couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith has made her debut into fashion through a bunch of socks designs and this is all there is to it:


Flowers, socks and Willow Smith

Her collection is titled Miss Dazey.
It is a colourful and playful mix of several patterns.


Willow on set

Rihanna had a similar collabo last year with the same store and you can see the pics HERE.


Willow Smith in flowery ad

Willow’s designs are only 9 and they go for $12-$16. Are you ready to wear the new style? You can click HERE to visit the Stance online portal and shop away!
Want a taste of the designs? Yes,I know you do,so,gaze on…


Palmy socks


War paint socks


Homecoming socks

This sets a very good example to young’uns outchea. Do something with your life. For all we know “Miss Dazey” here would have been some lazy idle bone coz,let’s be honest,her parents are freaking rich,not forgetting extremely famous too!
What do you think of the designs?

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