Fitness Friday : Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo on field

Exercise maketh  man (I just wanted to use a line from the movie Kingsman Secret Service, don’t mind me)
Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is that guy with that body that we can’t even begin to describe. I seem to have turned into a masochist because I am about to torture myself(and other several male readers) with images of the kind of shape that will take me quite some time(or probably never) to attain


Cristiano suits up!

Two key points:
*He practises 5 times a week
*He sleeps early(for 8hrs) and wakes up early
* High intensity sprinting drills
*Situps,planks for abs(you gotta work that 6 pack)
*Running( 25-30mins) for cardio


Cristiano in an ad

*Breakfast- proteins,carbs- fruits,egss,milk
*Lunch- fruits,lots of veggies…eats less during lunch
*Dinner- fiber,proteins,vitamins,carbs
And one essential rule:avoid foods and drinks with lots of sugar(time to say goodbye to soda and icecream *weeps*)
And now,I present to you the results;


Cristiano Ronaldo in Giorgio Armani ad


The near-naked beefcake that is Cristiano Ronaldo

*Abs from above
*Muscles like a Greek god
*A perfectly synched body for this 31-year-old athlete
Well,I’m sure some ladies are sweating just looking at those pics. It’s okay. You can stare for as long as you want.
Men, are you ready to get such a body? You now gotta clue of what to do….

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