Thank you but no thank you;Octopizzo turns down award!


Kenyan rapper Octopizzo

The prestigious Bingwa Music Awards took place last Saturday the 30th at the Prestige Plaza and Octopizzo did the unexpected

He rejected an award presented to him terming it as “disrespectful to his work”.
His post on his social media platform read in part…
”Unfortunately I won’t take the award ofComeback Artist Of The Year I never went anywhere, I’ve been here since my 1st hit single, I put in more work than any artist of my genre, unless you are awarding me for coming back from my Europe tour then it doesn’t make sense, I’d rather you acknowledge and respect my workthan award me & nominating me for a “comeback” award which was such a joke…..”
He said they should have probably given the award to musician Wahu,perphaps given the fact they were nominated for the same award.
Wow,who does that? A) only a man like Octopizzo B) only a confident and accomplished musician who doesn’t need approval from anyone


His post on social media

We can look at this from two perspectives; 1) He has stood his ground and he has proven to the world that he knows better. I like the fact that he started by thanking the awards show. It shows maturity.
2) If he really didn’t want this award,couldn’t he have told the organizers earlier? Or maybe they hadn’t told him he was up for this category. Now,this is the only thing we’ll talk about for the next few days. Does anyone smell a publicity stunt here?
We are just outsiders. We really don’t know what goes down.
Whatever his reasons,I always feel good when people speak their minds. Life is all about being clear with issues.
What are your thoughts on this?

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