The Barbie Makeover!


Time magazine with Barbie doll cover

The famous Barbie doll has a new look. Mattel,the company behind Barbie,has introduced new “curvier,taller and petite” versions of the doll

This move even landed Barbie a cover on Time magazine(pic above). The dolls will now have a more human touch to them.


The new range of Barbies

This will include the skin tone and waist which will be a bit wider.


The Barbie evolved

The Barbie doll has faced criticism over the years because it was pushing for a “skinny blonde” kind of beauty but now things are changing.


Brunette Barbie

The move can’t be said to be wholly motivated by criticism and the need to change but also by business. The toy industry has had a deep decline in sales over the years. Things are a bit more diverse now as there are also “Barbie-like” dolls with African touch.


The Barbie on the right is now curvier


Different shapes and sizes

I feel this is an issue which is not to be taken lightly. What can we garner from this “new look”?
The world at this point is trying really hard to be accommodative to everyone in the society which is a good thing and the Barbie makeover is indicative of that
2) New is good
Finally the kids will have a different view towards beauty. This may take time but we are heading somewhere
3)Is it too much?
At the same time,I beg to ask the question,”are we reading too much into small things?” I mean it’s like we want dolls to  have the human edge to them. They are just dolls.
4) Different markets
Or maybe we should just have different products for different markets. This way no one will feel they have been excluded in any way.
I’d say the Barbie evolution has been bold. It brings with it a bunch of positive effects. At the same time it represents a society that is struggling to be one in all aspects and to some degree reading too much into minute details. This is just a one-man opinion,what’s yours? Share..

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