Notoriously covered!


Lady Gaga on V magazine

It’s a new month and you know what that means. Okay,apart from getting paid(we seriouly missed our money in Jan-worry) what else does the new month bring with it? In the land of pop culture and entertainment, magazines! These are the most talked about Feb covers


Supermodel Naomi on Vogue

Naomi Campbell is the new front queen of Vogue Portugal. Nay:She looks so stiff and plasticky,what’s going on here?
Yay: effortlessly artsy!


Jen Lopez on Instyle

This cover is awesome,problem is,it’s too typically J.Lo. Nay: We know Jennifer Lopez as the fierce one in the biz and every time you think of her,this is exactly the kind of look you expect. Yay: Nice try as all the colours blend in


Dakota on Vogue

Eish Dakota! The  50 Shades of Grey girl always looks a little bland. Nay: Give her a warmer edge. My goodness! She looks like she’s scared of something..Yay: her dress gives a sexy slant to the cover


Jen Lawrence covers Glamour mag

Jennifer Lawrence on Glamour magazine. Nay: she almost looks like she’s trying too hard. Yay: her dress and the power look sell this cover!


Natalie Dormer on Fashion mag

Natalie Dormer (aka Queen Margaery from Game of Thrones) is dazzling on the cover of Canada’s Fashion mag. Nay: is she channeling her TV character? All I see is rage on those eyes and the neck tells me she was told to hold her breath. Yay: clean,clear,simple cover


Lady Gaga on Asian edition of V mag

FYI Lady Gaga got 16 freaking covers on V magazine. Why? She’s was brought in as the guest editor for the 99th edition of the mag. She made a record. 16 covers!? She really must be one to appreciate her good looks don’t you think? Nay: on this cover,I can’t get a bad edge. But generally I felt like she was trying too much with 16. Seriously? Yay: V is known for it’s artsiness and I think they have maintained that even with Lady G present.


Lady Gaga nude on V

Which of them screams “spend your money on me now!”?

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