TV Talk: Should Bi.Msafwari leave?


Bi.Msafwari in studio

If you watch Kenyan tv,you have definitely come across this woman. Her name is Bi. Msafwari and she is marriage counselor who has a show(a popular one I might add) on CitizenTV. Now,cracks are emerging…

The gist of the matter:
Some angry Kenyans want her show axed. There’s an online petition that has sparked quite a debate in Kenyans and it reads in part:
.. ” How do you condone such a woman talking to your girl child about living her life to please her husband? After watchingthis why do you pay school fees for that particular girl?  Why not just keep her at home and show her how to please a husband at home. It will save you school fees and prevent her from calling herself amodern day woman or as Bi Mswafari calls them,‘Wasomi’.What didwasomiever do to this woman? Do they look downon her? Does she even have a daughter? I will fly off the bat here and speculate that I don’t think she has a daughter. I also think she hates her daughter inlaw if she has one.Even my mum disagrees with her view point…..”
In this show,the lady normally gives tips on how women should treat their husbands. According to the petitioner,it comes off as supporting “male chauvinism”. She’s all about how wives should be submissive to their husbands.
I agree in part;
*We are in a new era where wife and husband are treated equally. Equal in a way that a woman should also speak out in the marriage.
*I also agree with what the petitioner terms as giving our children a negative and “retroactive” outlook towards marriage and the role of women
Problem is?
*Kenya is still a deeply traditional society and that’s why many have been taken by the show
*Also,our religious views as a society still leave us with the scriptural writings that “wives ought to submit and respect their husbands” and this has somehow affected our perspectives
*We also tend to forget that her talks have surely had some meaningful impact somewhere.


Bi. Msafwari discusses cheating husbands

We may not all be on the same side but  we should appreciate one thing. The petitioner speaks for a society that is evolving and growing to the new ways of the world. A world that is looking to break stereotypes. He did right by speaking out.
It’s time to have such discussions as a people.
So,now to you,what do you think? Should Bi. Msafwari say goodbye?

*Msomi/Wasomi here refers to the formally educated people*
Read full petition at : Andanje’s Blog

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