Govi confirms he’ll still be on TV show Machachari


Malik aka Govi at the Kids' Festival

Malik Lemuel,popularly known as Govi to his fans, has come out saying he hasn’t quit Machachari TV show…

A few stories ago,reports were that he was to leave the show to complete his education and pursue other interests. We all thought that was code for “he has quit” but in a post on his Facebook page he said…


Malik's facebook post

He’s a young person in the business. Internet tabloids are going to milk his comment dry. Is this fair to him? No. I felt this was a risky move on his part. Or maybe it was the first person who picked up his post and shared it on popular sites. If he’s not keen,soon he will be the most talked about kid…and that’s where the negatives will start streaming in,accusations and counter-accusations and before we know it….we will have ruined someone’s outlook towards the world. Or worse,his reputation,which will be his whole being.
Welcome to the machine Lemuel,but tread carefully,lest ye burn!

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