WCW: Ariana Grande puts the “S” in Sexy Sweet!


Ariana Grande "Problem" song cover

What’s not to like(and love) when it comes to this American pop star. From her singing(breaking us free from boredom)to her acting to her petite cuteness….She wins SpreadzoneBlog’s WomanCrushWednesday Award..

Selfie with Ari


Ariana takes a selfie

* Raise your eyebrows just enough
*Hold your hair with one hand
*Snap on with the other


Yes Ari,we love the frames

*Or you could simply give us that smoochy-lips vibe as you take the selfie worth a mention all over the world(I mean the world of Snapchat and Internet-dom)
How to look cool in Ari style


Ariana on stage

*Just be yourself….but you can also add a little plastickness-cum-girly-pretentiousness to your edge (think of her song Focus,exactly)


Ain't those guys lucky?

*…but don’t forget to have a little fun,this time in short dresses and crop tops as you tell the world, “hey y’all,look at my uber awesome body AF! ”
Channeling the actress in you with Ari’s aid


Ariana's Scream Queens promo

*It’s simple,all you have to do is ask for a role in the TV series Scream Queens like Ari and act beside her
*…and just to be clear,that pic above is a promo cover for the TV show,I mean really,do you think anyone would wish for Ari to die?? Huh??
Sweet and cute the Ari way


Ariana as Chanel No.2 in Scream Queens

*this shouldn’t be hard either but I gotta say I just don’t know how Ari pulls it off


Ariana in white dress

*but if you want to slay on the red carpet,you just need to step out in a white sheer dress,put your charm on and voila!
She’s a young,ascending,amazingly good looking star at only 23y/o!
This post is for all Arianators outchea,are you one?
*Arianators is a term her fans(like yours truly here) refer to themselves as*

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